About Us

The Seine Vallee is located in the town of Longperrier, a suburb of Paris, France. The brewery's main product lines include India Pale Ale, Oat Meal Stout, French Pale Ale, French Lager and Ginger Alcoholic Beer.

We make our beers by hand in small batches of 10 barrels (1600 litres) under the close personal attention of our head brewer. The latest brewing equipment and technology is perfectly combined with traditional brewing methods to ensure that our beers always taste great, whether packaged in cans or kegs.

The Seine Vallee will extend its distribution to the cities of the metropolis and the Paris suburbs, and then to the rest of Europe and other parts of the world. La Seine Vallée undertakes to introduce different seasonal beers on a permanent basis.

It is no longer acceptable to produce a mediocre beer. It has to be the best. We have included our customers in the decision-making process for product development. For example, customers are given the opportunity to test brewing experiments and, if the consensus is sufficiently positive, we will consider including these beers in the mainstream product range.